CHAPTER ONE

'My factual findings' and genetic mirrors after reuniting- face to face- with some paternal biological cousins and half-sibs. When I wrote my book, I had no idea how much I was so much like them and they were extensions of me and I of them handed down through our DNA. It was like we had shared traits and behaviors on both sides going back to the 1800's when they were living in Luxembroug (Germans) and more Germans from Kolberg(Cobery) Prussia, Knau, Thuringia, Silesia, Prussia--Germany encoded in my DNA cellular memories. If you read my book, you can go down the list and see the likenesses to many of the people (strangers) I was drawn too--good and bad people who were like so many of my lost bios that I found and reunited with in 2009-10! I channeled answers through my art (Spirit) and subconscious before I had many of the true factual answers and know that I came from a long line of gifted Germans---I went through my book and realized everything I thought and most of the people I wrote about pertained to my biological hidden -authentic self and identity. Finding my roots and so many genetic mirrors is called 'coming home to self'! I will always have two selves...the one I lost at birth--hidden-core genetic self- but always there--and the one my adoptive family gave me that I adapted to. Not an easy thing to have to figure out on one's own. Adoptees are two people- the authentic self (the DNA self and that of their biological relatives) and the artificial self (adapting to adopters they are not biologically related to).

1. Finding that many bios on both sides were like me in so many ways. There are many who are tall and thin with athletic builds and are athletes(runners, basketball, football)--built like me-- some are professional artists-maternal natural/first/bio handsome grandfather carved the decorative wood inside the Mississippi River boats, played the trumpet in a dance band-grandmother came from professional German painters)  Paternal 2nd cousins once removed had a band, paternal cousins sing and play guitar--paternal niece model, who is petroleum engineer-tall blonde like me..Paternal Grandfather and Uncle railroad engineers, teachers--bio father and many cousins, writer paternal father (wrote for a sports magazine),paternal cousins athletes (runners and basketball player--one whose B Ball jersey was #44-- had a band. One flute player and graphic artist, one singer-mezzo saprano (I have a saprano coloratura voice), one sexy Vegas go go dancer and excellent experimental photographer with an abstract mind who has the same spirit and could be my daughter, I have the same eyes as g grandfather from Luxembourg. Many of us think the same, act the same, have the funny gene, one scientist and facetious (cytotechnologist with light sensitivity like mine plus back issues-we are both facetious), his daughter collects polar bears, was a model and now  a petroleum engineer,  pat half-sister is professional show jumper, horse trainer, who owns a kennel and horse farm, one 2nd cousin owned "Lone Star" ranch with horses and barn, bio father and half-brother are fly fishermen who tie their own flies (one of my son's was a fly fishing prodigy at age 13), bio father was a commercial fisherman(catfish) and my pat half- brother fishes every year for trout on ancestral lands in Wisconsin that look similar to where I have settled and lived for 37 years (it felt like home), wildlife lovers, sportsmen and women, we dress alike and pat half-sibs have long, small narrow feet like mine and hazel eyes--- so much more. I even ended up living in an area like many of my bio ancestors and relatives lived and live. Say it ain't so!!!I signed my first channeled pastel with my true paternal surname the exact same way my Uncle on father's side signed his will!  My two sons inherited many of these talents and traits as well.  We have our identity back at last and we are finally home! My search for answers took 45 years. It was well worth and healing and my family is back on our true DNA family tree. My kids and g grandkids will know their true heritage. No more secrets and no more lies. My work is done! 

I settled down to raise my family in the wetlands/woods of Westchester, NY. The terrain is very similar to where my bios lived in Germany and live in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It felt like HOME and it was as close as one can get--my natural instinct lead me all along. I just realized this in 4/26/15 when I googled to see if Trout Lilies grew in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Many of my water colors were/are of the wild flowers that grow on our wetland property and around our area that looks like LaCrosse. Recently I saw  a picture of my 2nd paternal g grandparent and Michael Weiker has my eyes. He was born in Luxembourg in 1810. Pound Ridge, where I live began as an artist colony. My lost identity and life choices make sense now that I have found the truth. 7/20/15---I was blind but now can see!

My two biological sons inherited the artistic talent (one is an abstract painter, sings and plays the guitar), both are good singers and so is their father, stand up comedy-their father is hilarious, handsome, deep thinkers, smart businessmen and talented. 


                                                  Known Genetic Mirrors/ traits from bios (2015)

German Lutheran on bio maternal side and Roman Catholic on bio paternal side. 

Artistic genes inherited from DNA maternal Klatt (There are many accomplished Klatt German artists--one Klatt g grandfather came from KNAU, Thuringia, Germany-shoemaker) , Bartz, Ewald..from Kolberg (Coberg) Germany and paternal Franke side.

Beautiful eyes-on both sides

Musical talent inherited from Maternal Grandfather Ernest Bartz from Kolberg, Germany(professional trumpet player) and Paternal Franke side from Silesia and Prussia..pat 2nd couisns had a band called The Franke Combo. Flutist, professional singer and teacher, guitar players, vocalists 

Athletic talent and tall build inherited from Paternal Franke side.  I was a skier and equestrian. They were runners, basketball players, with a new generation of college football players and b ball. They use the #44

Writer..Inherited from paternal bio father..Jim Franke

Love to drive fast--am a great driver for a female....pat half brother was a stock car racer--6'2" thin, light sensitive, small narrow feet, etc..like me...quiet, bio technologist-stock broker, facetious...

The sexy body, and good looking genes...from Paternal Franke side..the sexy eyes from Michael Weiker my g grandfather from Luxembourg. :)

I do not know what I inherited from my Paternal Maternal side..Bartel, Weiker(dairy farmer) and Haas relatives from Luxembourg...I do have my g grandfather Michael Weiker's eyes and his wife's long, smal boned arms-- and am tall like my Grandmother Nan Bartel Franke and grandfather Ben Franke who was a railroad engineer. 

My love of the woods and nature must come from Germany and them as well. Maternal side lived in Winona, MN and LaCrosse, Wisconsin...Paternal side lived in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and the Mormon Coulee area. My half brother is a fly fisherman and fishes for trout near where g grands had their homestead and farm.

Model looks--well who knows..my paternal niece has the model body and looks....tall Germans...

Fly fisherman- Paternal half brother and bio father...outdoorsmen...sportsmen (one of my bio sons inherited the master fly fisherman gene and was told by Trout Unlimited he was a prodigy. He was given a hand made fly fishing pole and award when he was only 14.

Gift of gab-bio mother, same body-dimples

Funny gene- from bio father 

Facetiousness-pat bio half brother and I have that gene plus the light sensitivity gene, the fragile back gene, the tall and slim and quiet genes==scientific mind gene and so much more.

Excellent show horse women gene--Paternal half sister and myself. One paternal cousin into Western.

I inherited the designer sewing gene from my paternal g grandfather who studied in London,England, to be a tailor before he came to the US, fought in the Civil War and settled in Potosi, Wisconsin. I designed and sewed high fashion couture dresses, skirts and tops in high school for classmates. 

My sons inherited the artistic ability, sing, are funny, one does stand up--handsome--businessmen (from their father) one plays the guitar and both are very successful.



                                                  Things I  received from adoptive family.

From English adoptive mother.....her mother's mother was a member  of the DAR and a philanthropist                                               

Sophistication, social status, learning the rules of the British aristocracy-Royal Etiquette- and dressing, proper etiquette for luncheons, brunches, cocktail, dinner, debutante, pool parties, good taste, social drinking, elegance, manners,acting like a proper British refined lady-no sexy dressing or                                               behavior allowed by adoptive mother- taught proper English, braces to straighten  my teeth, owned                                                                                                           only designer clothes (very elegant and like the British royals dress (understated), beautiful jewelry and expensive things,                                                               Episcopalian religion from adoptive mother!   (Many preachers and doctors from afather's side of the family-German                                                                         businessmen on adoptive father's side! All highly educated and good looking.

Camp, summer vacations, trips, college education, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity (Sorority) at the U of A and SJS, ballet, tap,                                                           modern dance lessons, English riding lessons, flute lessons, golf, country club members, owned my own Pink Princess phone with                                               a private line at 16, car at 18, model for Macy's, debutante 1965 etc. 

 Nurturing of my natural musical talent from my adoptive father, who played the organ and accordion!

 The need to get straight A's and excel in everything came from the high standards set by adoptive mother.

 Trust fund at age 21 from maternal adoptive grandfather that allowed me leave my adoptive parents to go on my secret search.


I have not found the courage to visit LaCrosse, Wisconsin or Winona, MN. I may never go, but think of it and my relatives-often! There is still a part of me that lives there and never left. I am there -very connected to them- in mind and 'spirit' and always will be-!

PS. I finally signed my pastel using my bio surname in 2001. When I saw the signature of my Uncle in 2013, we both signed our name the same way. The devil is in the details and there are lots of details! I did it. I really did!

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