The Facebook page 'A Legitimate Life by Melinda A Warshaw' shows reunion pictures and many other important facts, likenesses to bios and real synchronicities she mentions in her book. She was in sync with and had so much in common with so many bios, one is hard pressed to believe it! The book was written way before her reunion in 2009-10 and she could not have known anything about her lost DNA relatives and yet she knew so much about them in her subconscious memories. The latest find was when she saw a picture of one of her paternal g grandfather from Luxembourg in 2015 who was born in 205 years ago and saw with her own eyes that he has her eyes! Melinda is finding so many genetic mirrors and is finally getting her true identity back at last. New mirrors and revelations keep happening thanks to the Internet and other social media sites.

Have a look at her FB Blog and make sure to look at all the pictures as Melinda will show you the page numbers in her book that connect to her lost and now found biological relatives. If you know any adoptee, adopter or first parent who could benefit from this informational Blog please send them the link so they can feel supported and ask them to Like it! #genesmatter#adopteerightsmatter#reunitedadutadopteesvoicesmatter

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