Channeling Reality---Pencil  sketch by Melinda in 1977 of 'Peanuts' -our adopted Afghan Hound we found wandering on Bedford Rd. by the 100 year old Bedford Oak Tree...It's no surprise now after drawing and selling quite a few sketches of dogs for my friends that I should find that my paternal biological half-sister has a many genetic connections to my glad I took all these years to find them and see how similar we all are..My maternal half-brother was a great sketch artist as well and worked in pencil...before I found these details out about my bios I felt disconnected from the world and everyone in it...It is 2015 and have located many professional German artists who are in auction houses and in galleries from my maternal Klatt bloodline. 

SOLD signed "Melinda A. Moyer"  Title "Peanuts"

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