Melinda is 6 months old- meeting adoptive maternal grandfather Ira W. Clokey in S. Pasadena for the first time. Her name has been changed to those of her adoptive family and her original identity and birth certificate has been sealed for 99 years so she will never be able to find out who and where her natural, first, biological parents and ancestors are or are from.

Avacado trees and gardenias grew in his backyard. He also had a beautiful swimming pool and old Spanish style house. Melinda gets a good start with a new name and family.  

Beginning to walk! Living in Illinois.

Age 18 living in Atherton, California and ready to leave for college. She has not begun to want to search for her biological identity but is beginning to feel lost and alone in need of answers. She is not allowed to talk about her feelings about being adopted and denied her true identity in her adoptive family. She has become quite sophisticated.

Melinda in 2010 takes a DNA swab test with paternal half-sister to show them they do share the same father.She has answers and knows her bio names, genealogy and roots! She has met her paternal half siblings and finds many genetic mirrors and knows the truth about her beginnings.

Melinda in 2010..She knows for sure that she is German..from Luxembourg, Prussia, Baltic...true bio identity regained...she has her OBC (Original Birth Certificate from Illinois and has reunited with bio/natural,first paternal cousins and 2 half siblings (half-brother and half-sister and niece.

2009- Melinda has lived in NY  since 1977. She found her bio/natural/first mother Dorothy and father in 1980 and has finally reunited in person with paternal second cousins once removed in Iowa.

Melinda with Santa in Kettering, Ohio. She was not told she was adopted until she was about 7 years old.

Melinda is 23 and living with a friend in Menlo Park, Calif. after she leaves (runs away) from her adoptive family for good, to begin her secret search to find her first,natural,bio mother and identity. She is on her own! It is 1970 and she is still a California Girl! She has no idea who she is. She loves the beaches in California.

In 2009 Melinda meets Mary, one of her 12 paternal bio 2nd cousins in Iowa. This is the first time she has ever seen anyone related to her biologically! Mary plays the flute and is a graphic artist. Mary's dress is the same pattern of the skirt Melinda wore to Sue's wedding. She gets to meet 12 of her 2nd cousins who tell her she looks like her father. Melinda is finally beginning to see herself in her natural relatives and feels welcomed and accepted. She feels comfortable and like she fits with her paternal naturalrelatives for the first time.

It is now 2015--6 years after reuniting (as in meeting them face to face) with some of her paternal natural relatives. Melinda finally can see where her ancestors came from. Luxembourg, Silesia--Prussia then now Poland and Kolberg on the Baltic----things are coming together for her to form her authentic identity and incorporate it into her adoptive artificial identity.  She has uncovered enough of the truth to feel whole. Sure, she still has two identities but is trying to stop asking people if she looks German, Swedish, Polish, she knows!!! 

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