I would find out my maternal biological half brother on my maternal side was a fine artist as was from my biological maternal line of relatives from Germany. I found this out in 2015 as well as some relatives on my German biological paternal side as well.

SOLD signed 'Melinda Moyer' bio talent inherited from biological relatives and ancestors from Germany.

The artist emerges...Second watercolor done at the cabin in the redwood forest in Northern California, as I set sail on my search for the truth of my origins ..Inscription I wrote on the back of this watercolor. Circa 1972


"I think that any life which merits living lies in the effort to realize some dream, and the higher that dream is the harder it is to realize. If one hasn't a dream, one might as well be dead. The only success is in failure. Any being who has a big enough dream must be a failure and must accept this as one of the conditions of being alive. If one over thinks for a moment that one is a success, then one is finished."

                                 "Hopeless Hope"    December 1972

             The search for my biological identity and mother began in 1970.

Does this have any connection to biofather's code name in WWII.."Franke Pine Tree"????  I found this code name out from half bro in 2009.

First watercolor done with child's watercolor set and terrible brush done in the redwoods in Fortuna, CA., during 1972..written on the back..


                                    "Hindu Philosophy Inscription"

           Before the ear can hear it must have lost it's sensitiveness.

             Before the eyes can see they must be incapable of tears.

 Before the soul can fly it's wings must be washed in the blood of the heart.

        Before the voice can speak it must have lost it's power to wound.

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